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"A technical service does not have to be expensive - it just has to be managed right."

The idea behind the philosophy of Yachting Dynamics was driven by the requirement to deliver quality marine electronics and technical services, specializing in the installation and service of marine electronic systems such as navigation, security, and communication.

A technical service does not have to be expensive - it just has to be managed right.


"Steady at the helm."

Leonard Teo is the man behind Yachting Dynamics and has been in the yachting industry for well over a decade. His love for the sea began in 1991 when he joined the Navy and served 6 years stuffed inside a small, but powerful ship that stayed afloat most of the time.


Working above the surface of the water was fine, but he then decided to work below it and in 1998, left for the UK to be trained as a commercial diver and welder for the Oil and Gas industry, where he spent about a decade there fixing broken things and breaking the working ones.


He is known as an accomplished and integrity-driven professional offering over 28-years of broad experience in the marine industry across various segments, working for well-known companies such as Raymarine, VingCard, and Princess Yachts. With his broad career experience and having worked with many marine systems, he is always happy to impart his knowledge for the benefit of his customers and crew.

Leonard is a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying, at least when he pays up for his yearly fees.

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