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"Our main driver is to remain focused in the services offered to our customers, and to consistently improve those services through evaluation and upgrading of processes and specialized tools. Don't take our word for it, ask our customers."



As an authorized and fully-certified Navico dealer focusing on Simrad and B&G, we can install, troubleshoot, your new or old system, or simply help you with any questions that you may have. We are also the authorized dealer for JL Audio, Actisense, and KVH. Our team has years of experience in the field of marine electronics as well as having worked for a major marine electronics brand. 



A component of Yacht Management, this is a comprehensive Planned Maintenance System for yachts of all sizes and system complexities. Yachting Dynamics exclusively uses SeaHub, an intuitive cloud-based maintenance management software designed to improve reliability and safety. Together with our experience, SeaHub allows effective planning, tracking, and staying on top of all engineering tasks. This service is usually part of Yacht Management but can be a standalone service for yachts that have lower usage. 



A thermal inspection is a quick way of detecting and identifying difficult issues onboard, such as exhaust leaks, overloaded electrical circuits or motors, hard-to-find water leaks, air conditioning ducting leaks, and much more. This service increases our capability to include a layer of Predictive Maintenance on top a of regular Planned Maintenance scheme. Predictive Maintenance will help determine the condition of equipment onboard, and allow us to determine when additional maintenance should be done to avert failure. 


No two yachts or owners are the same, thus, the scope of yacht management can vary broadly. Once the basic framework of a planned maintenance system (PMS) and budget has been set aside, all other aspects of this service will be planned together with the owner. With the PMS in place, YD will include an element of Predictive Maintenance through the use of thermal imaging.

Establishing the framework for a comprehensive planned maintenance system

Technical Support

Crew Management and Payroll 

Assistance with Private and Commercial yacht registration

Refit and Repair Management

Yacht Administration and Expenses, and Document Handling

Cost Controls, Budget, and General Accounting

Application of Radio Licences

Arrangements for valuations and surveys

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